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In 1999 I began my study of the Ancient Egyptian culture in earnest when I entered the UCLA Extension Archeology program. My studies from 1999-2006 included the opportunity to study the ancient language of Middle Egyptian at UCLA and this turned into three years of classroom study under Dr. Monica Bontty. Our textbook was the brand new Middle Egyptian Grammar by Dr. James Allen which I have now read twice in its entirety. I soon found the exclusive focus of my interest was the development of religious ideology from the predynastic through the Old Kingdom. My ultimate purpose was to read the Pyramid Texts in their original format. I have accomplished this thanks to Sethe's transcriptions.

Outside the classroom I engaged in intensive study of books and publications by leading Egyptologists including Wilkinson, Friedman, Adams, Verner, Assman, Midant-Reynes, Hoffman, Lehner, Dreyer, Kaplony, Reisner, Faulkner, Gardiner, Lauer et al. Over the next several years this led to an understanding of this ancient civilization I had never thought I would be able to attain. I have presented a few of my discoveries to attendees of the annual meetings of the American Research Center in Egypt and now publish those here for everyone. I hope to someday be able to publish a somewhat complete account of my viewpoint on ancient Egyptian religion, from the hoary double falcon serekhs of Dynasty 0 through the arcane west gable of the Pyramid of Unas.

Research Papers

Theology in the Time of Djoser

Paper delivered at the annual ARCE 2007 meeting
PDF | Powerpoint

A New Angle on Sneferu's Pyramids

Paper delivered at the annual ARCE 2003 meeting

Aspects of Nephthys

Paper delivered at the annual ARCE 2004 meeting


An Interpretation of the Name of Thoth

More on the Label of King Djer

Narmer: A Fish Out of Water?

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