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Escape is an up close and personal look at the effects and consequences on the human psyche of a soldier sent into war in today’s conflict driven world. It is not meant to be a condemnation nor a complimentary look, but to show what an individual is forced to face within themselves to deal with the acts of violence they are committed to perform – and the violence they face themselves.

Set during the Iraq war, a deadly ambush forces PFC Dan Short and Army Medic Nora Hussein to seek refuge in a small boat on the river Tigris that takes them away from certain death into an uncertain escape. Injured and completely on their own, together they work to overcome the violent forces of man and nature opposing them from the most vulnerable position they have ever been in. They are forced to be both clever and honest while revealing their innermost character that brought them to war and how they have been changed by it.

Escape was written to focus on the two characters trapped in a vehicle that takes them away from certain death and which itself has an uncertain conclusion, while revealing their innermost character that brought them to war and how that was changed by it. I would like this play to undergo improvements that bring out the raw emotion and reaction to issues that present moral challenges relevant to the present day political climate of perpetual war. These include the killing of others; seeing others killed, tortured or maimed; the death of children; collateral damage; facing death on daily basis; responsibility for the lives of others; and more, to where this will be a compelling and moving work that compels the viewers to ask themselves what their own role is in this world and, hopefully, how they can and should contribute to changing things towards bringing peace to this world.

Production Notes

Cast size is 6 with 3 actors playing dual roles.

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